Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Lyrics Tank (Previous Works)

This is my first lyrics tank. I did it after listening to the song Running To Stand still (it was covered by Elbow, get it its seriously amazing nutcase). I used fabric paint for the words. I like this tank, makes me look like a political manifesto complete with graffiti.
This is a random abstract batik picture i drew next to the lyrics to make it seem more 'meaningful' but it doesn't really mean anything specific. I used batik paint and batik wax (as usual). The picture is completely unrelated to the lyrics.
Credits to bono and the u2 people for writing this really cool song. I wish U2 came down and i do believe this could be a reality. They don't dress skanky and don't write songs about satan worship so they'd be one hundred percent okay.

Sea Horse Friend! (Previous Works)

This is my sea horse friend. I drew it on my sister's babydoll tube top. It is supposed to feel very beach-ie. Meera's awesome purple wall makes the sea horse look like its in polluted sea waters.

This is a top i drew for myself. Because I like seahorses and pretty colors. This is a close up of the seahorse blowing bubbles and I gave it a blank expression because it is most attractive to the opposite gender. I used batik paint and wax to draw this.

Nuts UP (Previous Works)

Dont you just love squirrels?

Brown squirrels are bad-ass. Like the one that comes by my place and eats up all the cat food outside. Squirrels love cat food.

God my wall is awesome

Lyric Tees (Previous Works)

Remember Mraz last year? The hot jam-packed stadium? The screaming and jumping and singing we fun people did? Kesian you If you missed it.

Anyhoo, I personalized a couple of blank tees for the occasion.

Check out the close ups first:

Now the tees:



I used 2 songs for each tee, so the effect is like that of a lyric tube. Somewhat.
Done using fabric paint, markers and A4 papers.

Best project ever.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tribal-Themed T-shirt (Previous Works)

This is a picture i drew for my boyfriend. The picture is handpainted with batik paints and i've used wax to draw the little white lines in between the colors. He claimed to like this picture. Hopefully other people do too. I highly doubt i can reproduce something identical to this, but i'm sure something close to this is probable.

The artstyle i suppose is tribal because my boyfriend belongs in the jungle. He climbs trees very well. If you have someone that ought to live in trees you should buy this for them.
This is a close-up of the t-shirt, so you can see the lyrics and the design not being entirely relevant to one another. Credits to the Black Eyed Peas that wrote the song 'Hey Mama'. The lyrics are slightly personalized to make my boyfriend feel important and make me appear thoughtful.

This is how the t-shirt would look on a human being. One would assume that the design would look odd if pasted on the front of a man, however i think its rather cute.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What You Like In A Box (Previous Works)

This was done upon request for a friend.

I made a list of his interests and "uniqueness" then placed them in randomly arranged boxes. Here's how it looks on the t shirt:

And for the background, my awesomely purple wall...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (Previous Works)

This is my Alice in Wonderland tanktop i drew on a forever 21 tank i bought because it was on sale.

This is a closeup of Alice. She just looks smug and mean because i find her quite rude and lansy. So i drew her looking like she had some radioactive sickness going on.

Hopefully you can see the entire concept of the picture is Alice being really smug about running away from the really mean flowers that are trying to shoot paint at her. This was my attempt at being expressive with paint.
These are the crazy mean flowers that said nasty things to Alice. I drew them with fabric markers and i drew the white details with batik wax. I colored them in with batik paint. They are shooting paint at Alice because in my world flowers can shoot stuff.